Social wifi has grown a lot of significance amongst businesses in recent days. Wifi has grown from just being an amenity to necessity, this necessity of humans can turn into a useful marketing prospect.

There’s no question that connectivity in and of itself is a value add for your customers. In fact, 96% of consumers say they prefer shopping in stores with free WiFi access. 

The idea of social wifi is to help brick and mortar businesses to structure their marketing strategies. These businesses are ineffective in digital marketing campaigns as these services can help location-based services. Business owners can also leverage their guest WiFi networks to boost business. This can be a marketing tool to build your customer database, provide personalized experiences that will delight guests, and get rich insights into the behavior of your customers. 

The steps are simple, just connect to the public wifi which eventually will lead you to the login page where multiple social login options would be available. Some of the options available can be Instagram, Facebook use these login methods to access the internet.

To get more insights on social wifi and its influences

Its impact on Businesses.

For the first time in history, brick-and-mortar businesses can obtain greater data than their online counterparts, as we know social wifi is a trade-off. 

Businesses can ask their clients to like their social media pages while logging into the system which can help in increasing the social brand value of the business.

Through the information collected via social media accounts, businesses can pamper their clients by giving them special coupons, discounts, and other offers. These techniques can draw a good amount of attention and build a valuable relationship with the client. And further can be processed as a function of wifi marketing.

 A venue can achieve it by matching mobile phone MAC addresses to customer profiles in respective CRM systems, you can enable in-store personalization in real-time. Get notifications when a repeat customer walks into your store, or use geofencing to draw in repeat customers as they walk by outside. When you are able to get a real-time view of who is in your store, you can provide in-store employees with the context they need to create meaningful guest interactions. If an employee can access an in-store customer’s purchase history, they can serve them with relevant offers or products.

The approach is aesthetic as well as user friendly which would make the user visit more often.  

Once customer contact information is collected via the Social WiFi it is leveraged to personalize business marketing efforts. Segmenting business marketing using the database increases your return on investment (ROI). For example, notify female customers about a new wine special or clothing sale and let male customers know about beer discounts. Targeting certain messages via age and gender increases the likelihood a customer will find this information useful.

A business can also reward customer loyalty by tracking their number of visits via social wifi. Automatically send them a coupon when they visit the business venue for the third time.

It’s now a fact that brick and mortar businesses who opt out social wifi as their marketing strategy to avail wifi marketing are able to maximize their capacity.

A mall owner in the United States quoted when asked about the change using social wifi has brought to the business. “Once they installed social WiFi and reviewed their shoppers’ data, the mall discovered that 72 percent of their customers liked country music. They changed their music to country and dwell time went up by 15 minutes,” she said.

Should every business adopt this model?

Although, the introduction of social wifi has been miraculous in helping location-based businesses it has its own cons as well because a service can not be classified successfully until or unless it has proved its quality on both ends and primarily on the customer end. 

Internet speed, annoying pop-up advertisements, and questionable security have been a constraint for social wifi and this left the customers unhappy or irritated sometimes which would lead to a negative aspect of marketing through social wifi.

Also, now people are getting so stubborn about security and the government forcing companies to hold tight on security. Thus companies like Facebook already under the radar because of the Cambridge Analytica scam. Therefore the companies are asked to respect users’ privacy. Now for social wifi digging out emails and tracking user interests have been an issue to worry about as social media integration does not allow much information to be shared.

Thus this model of marketing is falling apart since, not completely but partially and new measures are coming in to get better access of the user. Email login integrations, message login portals and via phone numbers are adopted by companies to target the desired audience.

Guest wifi is an upgraded version of social wifi’s. Guest wifi portals have various login options to hop on which allows the venue to have a better insight into an individual. 

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