What do you understand by wifi marketing? for this, we need to understand marketing first.

Marketing is the process of getting potential and existing clients or customers interested in your products and services. This would sound simple but anyone involved with executing Marketing strategies and campaigns will attest to how complicated it can get.

With more and more users spending time online, Digital Marketing has become a goto thing for most businesses. Traditional marketing doesn’t allow direct interaction with customers, whereas digital marketing offers a higher level of engagement and interaction.

Whether it is through social media comments or email messages, your target audience is instantly connected with you through various digital marketing channels.

Because with digital marketing business, it’s paramount that marketing campaigns connect to users who are interested in the product and in the case of Brick and mortar business are physically located in close proximity to the venue. 

Digital marketing platforms (including Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc) have done wonders for businesses who want to target customers in broad demographics and geographical locations but smaller businesses and those who wanted to do hyper-local targeting have found them lacking.

WiFi the hyper-local chaperone.

The biggest constraint of WiFi is the limited range it offers. The same limitation also means that users connected to a wifi network are verifiably located in close proximity to the wifi router. So services provided via wifi networks will be hyperlocal by design.

WiFi providers to implement hyperlocal marketing services. Most of these services would track the users who visited the venue and let venue owners push promotional messages (email/SMS/notifications) to their customers.

Free wifi has always been an amenity to boast about and adds value to the business but now offering free wifi isn’t just a nice thing to do for your customers, it can be now used as the sharpest marketing tool to carve your business.

Wifi marketing can be generalized as a marketing strategy that helps the client and the vendor. Wifi is an extremely location precise service though not for a larger vicinity, thus it can act as a hyperlocal service, with hyper-local we mean that the customer location within the vicinity would be so precise that the customer interaction with the venue can be optimized and different marketing campaigns can run alongside. 

Supposedly in a big store, the owner can study a client’s activity and provide services accordingly whether to promote or suggest any specific product or service. 

Although wifi marketing can not help with the initial footfall of customers. It can only benefit from recurring customers. Providing them a better interface to connect with the venue and simultaneously the venue connecting to them.

Being a hyper-local service user interests can be studied better For example for a cafe owner who has deployed a free wifi service across his venue and using wifi marketing as the new strategy, As soon as the customer gets enrolled in the venue’s system he/she can take benefits of the different automation coming with the services like food ordering and billing or reviewing the restaurant or even a dish or chef.

This increases the user interaction of the client with the venue now the venue owner has the insights of the client’s likes, dislikes and also how much money did he spend. 

All the above information can be now used as a marketing tactic as now the venue owner has a list of people coming to his venue with all the details he can list out different categories and for different clients, different marketing strategies can be pushed keeping count of the persona of the client. 

How will wifi marketing evolve the marketing perspective?

Marketing has always been something that no organization will ever settle in there’s always scope for improvement, therefore with the introduction of something like wifi marketing it can be a sigh of relief for marketers and marketing agencies also organizations as this can turn out to be the most efficient way of marketing and approaching the client. 

How wifi marketing has influenced businesses https://medium.com/

It can not only help on a 1 on 1 transaction. But also if planted on a larger scale supposedly in a crowded market different people connected will go different places and spend different times at different places thus now the interests and disinterests of the public is known and through geotagging each venue can marketize its product, services or ongoing offers or discounts as soon as the customer passes by or enters any particular venue this will open scope for a very different perspective of marketing. With the implementation of this, marketing will become extremely user-centric also the behavior of the user can be studied and different products can be pushed at the time when the user is most susceptible to buy the particular product. With this, all the limitations faced by the conventional marketing methods can be resolved.

It’s not a complicated thing to set up or use.

The whole concept of wifi marketing is controller enabled as the controller can have complete access to what happens to the services or how to enable different services.

Different functions can be controlled differently, Specific access can be shared with specific people to do specific tasks. These services might differ with different businesses therefore the entire UI will be user friendly. 

Installation would be the same as you would do for a normal wifi. After all it’s just a wifi doing smart things.  

Where does it lead to?

It is the next step for a smarter future, imagine an ecosystem where the customer will only receive advertisements when he or she will be looking for a particular product or services. Imagine you leave for a restaurant and you get pop-ups of different eating joints across the city with the best offers available. Maybe it sounds too futuristic but it isn’t far away because of the introduction of IoT(Internet of Things) things are escalating faster than it ever was.

Wifi can help solve a lot of problems and tons and tons of services can add to it. Being such a door to door service is easily accessible to the people and adding smartness to it can lead to wonders.

What are your thoughts on this revolution?

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