We live in a world where businesses are getting canny each passing day, automation has been the wifi tagline for quite a while now. Therefore businesses need smarter options for smarter results.

Smart wifi’s are one of these transitional technologies present in the market right now and can be a turning point for your business.

How smart wifis benefit hospitality businesses? How can you make your cafe, restaurant a smarter and efficient ecosystem?

On the surface, it might seem like offering free Wi-Fi to guests at cafes and restaurants is just a way to please guests who expect to have this amenity. But when you dive deeper into what is possible with Wi-Fi marketing in the hospitality industry, you find that this tool serves a powerful way for hotels to improve their marketing, operations, and customer service.

How can Wifi’s can be your virtual Marketer

Login Page 

As soon as a guest connects to the wifi you can have the client logged in through facebook, instagram etc or you can have your own login page made up, this approach can help in collecting the demographics, habits and interests of the client this data can provide valuable insights wifi as you strive to learn about your customer base and craft messages that will be most likely to resonate with them.

Creating personalised profiles –

You can create personal profiles for customers who have already signed in to the system and these profiles can keep track of the individuals activities and habits through their facebook, instagram, twitter pages, also all the emails and contact info can also be reflected on these profiles to push promotion or information regarding your business or ideas.

And through these profiles you can push concise messages to people which would best resonate with them.

Landing Page –

You can add a landing page when the client wants to log in to the system, while filling information etc this page can reflect certain attributes of the property like if any ongoing offers or upcoming events or certain ideas this page can be very helpful to market organically as mostly everyone has to land on this page once hence this can not be ignored nor it looks flashy.

Tracking the client movements –

This feature of smart wifi’s can be more of a use in large properties with different areas thus in such properties it’s impossible to keep track of the client but wifis can track a client if they are connected to it. Therefore heat maps can be figured out, where which client has the most engagement, which places they ignore the most, how long they have to wait for amenities with introduction to these features it becomes easier for operations to work efficiently.

Another feature called Geofencing can be used with respect to the tracking phenomenon to push particular notification when the clientgoes through a particular area focusing on the pros or updates or offers going on at that particular area.

Food ordering system through wifi.

Food ordering systems can be a good amenity to use with the implementation of smart wifis.

It can make the user interaction more precise, it can reduce the amount of human assistance hence will benefit financially. It can help gain customer engagement with fancy UI also as it is not vastly used by the market yet therefore it provides a techy crunch to theecosystem.

The consumer reviews can also be directly viewed and options like rating the food or services overall as well as individually gives a wider scope of satisfaction for customers as well as the venue for improvement.

Keep Track of the Analytics

Keeping track of the analytics manually is a hectic job for the employees, therefore different softwares has to be used forthe better functioning of the same, which involves more employee engagement. But with the introduction of analytical service through wifi keeping track of all the analytics becomes a very easy task.

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